old truck flower farm
blooming locally
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it’s about the colors…

i love color! that is what draws me to flowers, but… the textures, the amazing designs of each flower, the unique smell of heirloom blooms… it is all so wonderful. And it kept me wanting more of this amazing world of cut flowers.

There is just something so happy about a bouquet of flowers in your favorite vase (or jar, or mug, or whatever makes your heart sing)! Don’t you love bringing flowers home and trimming them, touching them, smelling them, and then arranging them in your container? Placing them on your table or nightstand? Or maybe you love buying flowers that someone has already prepared and arranged, and you just get to drink it all in! Both ways brings such joy to a room. Fresh flowers in my house has always been life-giving. It’s the feeling of looking at these natural works of art that are right here in front of me, in my little corner of the world. I am so blessed in those moments.

Because of my connection with flowers. because I have seen eyes light up when flowers arrive. because I have grown flowers and shared them and felt so joyful. because working in the dirt, watching the plants grow from seed into God’s artistic splendor is such a gift. and because i so want to share that beauty with others, i started old truck flower farm.

I hope you love looking at the photos on our website, and I really hope to see you at one of our markets, subscription pick-ups, or special events where you can pick up some fresh cut flowers and enjoy them in your own home, too.

Thanks for letting me share my flower journey with you!